Corvallis Self Storage, Corvallis Oregon

Larry's Storage and Packing Tips

Larry, storage onsite manager, Corvallis Self Stor, Corvallis ORPacking of Your Storage Unit

To allow for the best use of you storage unit and to protect your items, make sure you pack and stack your items carefully while leaving items at the front of the unit that you plan to access at times during your storage time at our facility. It stands to reason that you will want the heavy items on the bottom and stack upwards with the lighter items.



It is recommended that you store any furniture that has exposed material surfaces on top of cardboard sheets or wrapped in plastic. If tables are able to have the legs removed then do so to save space. Fill dresser and chest drawers to save space. Stack boxes and cartons on flat surfaces to keep from tipping. Use plastic covers or sheets to spread over the top of your exposed furniture surfaces. Whenever possible, break down beds, tables, chairs, etc. to save space.



Make sure refrigerators or freezers are defrosted and dry. You can store some pieces inside the units and it is recommended that you leave the doors slightly ajar. Again, the tops of these units are a good place to stack things level. Washer and dryer units should be water free and cleaned out before storage.


Papers, Files, Books

Moisture absorption prevention is a key to taking care of these important documents. We offer a kit for this protection. Make sure when these items are packed that you do not overdue it because the storage boxes or containers can get heavy quickly. Make sure any boxes are taped securely so they do not come apart while carrying.

 Boxes available at Corvallis Storage

Mirrors And Large Glass Items

Store them on edge and try to put between soft items with a cushion on the floor for protection.


Bicycles, Loose Yard Tools And Metal Pieces

Stack as tight together as can and tie loose tools in bundles. Clean items before storage and do rust prevention on your important expensive items.


Bedding And Linens

Drapes, clothing or curtains should be stored clean and on hangers. If need be then fold and store in drawers whenever possible. Any unclean items or kitchen materials can attract unwanted pests.


Holiday Decorations Or Knick Knacks

Whenever possible, store these items in original containers. Pack with padding to protect these delicate items.


Lamps And Shades

Store these pieces separately in boxes after wrapping. Newspaper ink can transfer to shade surfaces during storage. Do not stack other items on top of lamps or shade boxes.


Prohibited Storage

Since you are the only one who controls access to your storage unit,  never store prohibited items such as explosives, animals, flammable liquids, toxic materials, perishables, or any other items that need a special space for correct storage. When storing any gas engines on ATV’s or motorcycles make sure the tanks are drained.


Insurance Protection for Your Personal Items

Since your items are your responsibility when stored at Corvallis Self Stor, we do not insure your items. If you do not have home or renters insurance that cover them, then we recommend you purchase your own insurance for your items. Make sure you use a good quality lock that either you can provide or we have for sale at an inexpensive price. We have site security for your peace of mind but your belongings are something that you need to protect. You are storing these items for a reason, so protect them.