Corvallis Self Storage, Corvallis Oregon


Corvallis Mini Storage Buildings

I rent an RV space at Corvallis Self-Stor because I like the location and the security. They have move-in specials and discounts when you pay long term.  What I like best though, is the the managers – they are friendly and helpful.  I enjoy talking to them when I go in to pay my bill.  Sherry G.

"I have rented at Corvallis Self Storage for about 2 years. I am very happy storing my stuff here." Amber S.

I have rented a small unit at Corvallis Self-Stor since June 2008.  This place is very secure, and the management is very helpful.  The auto-payment system makes it very convenient for me to avoid late fees.   Keith M, student

I have rented a small unit at Corvallis Self-Stor since 2005.  I have 3 units now. I like the location. BJ and Larry are very friendly, and I like the discount I get for paying 3 months at a time.  I will probably have my storage units here for quite some time. Alberta W.

I have rented at Corvallis Self Stor on and off for quite sometime.  I find the location to be convenient, and the prices are reasonable.    Next time I need a unit, I will be back. Sandy F.
Corvallis Storage Office

"I have been with Larry and BJ for 3 years! I would highly recommend Corvallis Self Storage to everyone."
Patti T.

"I have been storing at Corvallis Self Storage since September of 1997. I have had only good experiences with security and management. I also find the management to be very friendly." John

"I have been renting a storage unit for ten years. When I moved out of state I was able to be auto-billed, and payment was made every 6 months. It always worked out well. I just moved out, and all of my belongings were in good condition. I have told 3 other people about Corvallis Storage. John C.